The Deep water Room (Unterwasser Salon) was the first Magic Room with multiple water projections which took place in a former water reservoir used as an exhibition space in Vienna.

The audience enters a room through a blue fairy tale curtain.
There is a water bed and several deck chairs and pillows in the room where the spectators can take a seat or lie down.
The viewers can sink into the water atmosphere, relax and recreate themselves, surrounded by all kind of aquatic scenarios in a timeless space.

They are surrounded by all kinds of archetypical water creatures, the swimmer who is coming and going, the never ending bubbling of the source and eternal flowing of the cascading stream of water...


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The Source


This film shows a very rare spring where the water and air bubbles are coming from the ground. The pure water rises up continuously and the viewer gets quiet, relaxed and refreshed by gazing into this marvelous spectacle.

It is pure meditation and contemplation to look at it.

You get calm and confident towards life and yourself, feeling that every moment is a new beginning and that thoughts are coming and going.

All life is about continuous recreation...


The Swimmer


This film has many different sequences of water movements, sometimes quiet, sometimes wild and sputtering. The central motive is the swimmer. She appears and disappears. She passes through all situations, even through fire.

Her movements are slow and her expression is calm, she seems aware of everything around her and very sure about her way.

From time to time surprising creatures appear for a very short time, mermaids, ladies with red boots, women riding on whales etc.


about the work...


Ich fahre mit dem Autobus.
Ich sehe viele Leute auf der Strasse gehen.
Wohin gehen sie alle und was wollen sie.
Gehen sie freiwillig oder aus Pflicht.
Die Menschen hetzen am harten Asphalt, sie atmen viel ein und wenig aus.
Der weiche Waldboden ist weit weg, die rauschenden Gebirgsbäche auch.
Beim Händewaschen in einer kleinen freundlichen Bäckerei denke ich: mit meiner Arbeit möchte ich, dass die Leute ausatmen können, beim Hinschauen, sanft mit sich sein.

Sich hineinfallen lassen, vielleicht staunen, vielleicht manchmal lachen. 


Valerie Schaller, Wien 2010