The main part of Valerie Schaller's work are her spaces labeled MAGIC ROOMS which are conceived with large projections and special staging with a unique atmosphere.The  projections, created by her own videos, are selected and edited with high perception and sensitivity. The videos are mostly contemplative and have strong immersive images and text which allows the spectator to delve completely in other dimensions, come down and absorb that nourishing and regenerative energy.

She works with animated text and nature-based images, yet is in touch with the scientific aspects of her subjects as well. Her inspiration is founded by natural phenomenons and the perception of deep human basic desires, as well as scientific research which she is able to 'transform' artistically, creating a poetical and magical play of light movements and an absorbing atmosphere.


As more and more people are concerned by burn out and stress in our speedy and restless society, there is need of spaces and islands for finding calm and concentration.  Especially in big cities where nature is far away, the need of being in touch with pure natural images brings us a primal sense of security (like the embryonal floating woman in the projections "The blue Day").

After years of experience I'm perceiving in a subtle way how images (in motion or not) are reflecting on the human psyche and how the energy of the images have an immediate mental and physical effect on our body.
I always react to the spot where the installation takes place as
every place requires its own particular energy and theme...
So the work is also healing and transforming the spot where it is taking place.

Her projections include images made by filming, projecting the film on different surfaces and sometimes filming again, plus animations of sketches and text.These are accompanied by music composed by Adam Weisman specifically for the videos. Valerie includes different objects in the rooms - a colored rug, a swing, giant hay bags, painted windows...- which all together create an atmosphere of well being.
People like to stay in her rooms, often for a very long time just enjoying the perception of a sensitive unique universe...

These ''good vibes'' and calming images have to do with a combination of rhythm, movement, colors and light, through which the whole composition emerges as the handwriting of her artistic work.
There are elementary images which relax or vitalize the mind and awaken deep associations and remembrances in ourself. So after a short time a visitor to the Magic Rooms begins to slow their breathing rate, the nervous system relaxes and the whole organism can regenerate.


Magic rooms are well meaning spaces without purpose.
You can stay there as long as you wish, giving cognitive behavior and the intellectual ''non-stop-working-brain'' the chance to rest for a while, and regenerating the mind and the body. There is no over stimulation and no need to ''understand anything''.
You can stay there in a seat, a hanging chair, a hammock, a swing or a waterbed...
Physical relaxation is the condition which releases the soul.
Magic rooms are conceived not only for art spaces like galleries but also for companies, hospitals, schools, old people?s homes or public spaces in the middle of cities.

It is my wish to spread these oases of regeneration over the whole world to give people a chance to relax and have a break from every day life.

There are already spaces like ''Raum der Stille'' at the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin, airport lounges or train station churches which are open to the  public.
These kinds of ''chill out zones'' could also be a possibility in companies for employees to relax and find new inspiration for an innovative and creative attitude towards work.

The intention is to achieve a state of calm in your mind and the feeling of being embedded in the whole universe at the same time.


There is an intense artistic collaboration between Adam Weisman (USA/Berlin) and Valerie Schaller for many years.

A. Weisman is a percussionist who plays in different international ensembles for modern music and also performs as a soloist.
He has composed several pieces for the room installations and creates a wonderful atmosphere on the acoustic level which reinforces the whole visual space and the 
energy in the room.